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​Talking from​​ the Reel ....​

​Cinema audience numbers ....  
15th February 2017

As an Independent Producer, I have an opportunity to offer local small businesses the opportunity to advertise their businesses on the 'Big Screen' at local Ster Kinekor Theatres. 

Something that always comes up in conversation is ... 'how popular is cinema ?' ... and I would like to share my personal experience the past weekend ...

I was at Vaal Mall on Friday night and 2 cinemas were nearly sold out by not even 19h30  and by 20h00 they were ! One of these cinemas was the 'Prestige' cinema (Cine 1) at Vaal Mall.

Check this out : 

​Then on Sunday night I drove through to Rosebank to watch 'Denial' ... literally only 2 seats left - both in the front row!  When last have you seen people sitting in the front row of the movie ? and on a Sunday night ?

With the above in mind, and those of you who have been to the movies lately will be able to confirm that the amount of adverts screening before the movie are getting more ... we simply cannot overlook the benefits of advertising on cinema any longer, naztional businesses have cottoned on to this in a big way ! 

Without going into too much detail, it is my opinion that cinema advertising currently offers one of the best value for money and most effective advertising platforms in SA ... let me share some interesting facts :

Ok, I will save the best for last .... 

If I can offer your business a  10 second ad, including 245 screenings,  a voiceover  and  sound effects  at Vaal Mall, Mooirivier Mall and/or Matlosana Mall for under R60 per screening including production !  ... would this challenge you to consider a new way to reach your customers  ? The opportunity is there for you to make an impression.

Take a look at the new ad I produced for Wimpy, Vaal Mall which will screen ahead of the Lego Batman Movie, starting this Friday at Vaal Mall ....