Corporate Video Production - Deon van Zyl - Showreel
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My Products & Services​ ...

I look forward to working on your next project ...

*Your local cinema*   *2d and 3d movie screenings*

    Starting At R14 000  

     (up to R18 000 for clients who wish to screen at Prime jhb theatre complexes)

  • 10 second, cinema ready, 'Animated Still' Ad 
  • includes 245 screenings
  • INCLUDES Pro VOICEOVER (recorded in studio at vcr radio)
  • Prime slots

                   Deon 083 441 3716  |


A 10 second ad screening from 9th Dec 2016 at  Ster Kinekor Theatres : Sandton City and Vaal Mall
STAR NISSAN (Vanderbijlpark)

A 10 second 'Still' ad  with added animation screening from 9th Dec 2016 at  Ster Kinekor Theatres : Vaal Mall

I was commissioned to optimize this ad for a campaign - here is the 'before' and 'after' .... take a look !

This ad made to screen ahead of the 'Lego Batman Movie' promotes the kid's PLAYWORLD added during the recent upgrade at Wimpy Vaal Mall.


Cinemagraphs is an exciting new way of grabbing your clients attention by adding a little motion to a still photograph ... 

Corporate Videos

Audiences much rather 'watch' than 'read' ... 

Aerial Photography

Nothing matches an aerial perpective ... why not check out my breathtaking aerial portfolio.

Corporate Photography

I have teamed up with a long time friend who is a reputable photographer and has built up an impressive portfolio over the years ....

Script Writing

Advertising on the big screen - (Ster Kinekor)

I studied 'storytelling' in the USA under the tutorship of the 5 times Emmy Award winning team at Stillmotion.  My forte is scripts for 30 second radio and TV Commercials. I have a proven track record.
I will script and produce your 30 second commercial as well as draw up a media plan and schedule for screening with the team at Ster Kinekor !

I will handle the entire project for you, guiding you every step of the way.

Ideal for small businesses - choose to screen at cinemas natiowide or only at your local cinema ! Get your message across to a captive audience in a relaxed and receptive environment !

Web and Social Media Video 

This is the platform that seperates the men from the boys ... how much impact does your current video actually have ? ... 

Video Editing and Sound Mixing

I edit all my own work and offer this service to the market. I also do Voice Over Studio Recording and have a number of reputable VO artists on my vendor list.

Animated Storyboarding

Whether your need is to create a professional looking storyboard that can be used in presentations or for circulation on digital media or to visualize a concept to either solicit input or convey a message to/from a semi-literate workforce,  then animated storyboarding is the way to go  ...