Corporate Video Production - Deon van Zyl - Showreel
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Deon van Zyl

Photo  Neil McCartney (The Citizen)
Independent Filmmaker and Media Producer
What makes me different ? Being able to deliver effectively in all areas of production, including script generation to operating the camera, directing, video editing, sound mixing and cinema encoding, supported by a proven track record in each of these areas. This is  an attribute seldom found in the industry today  and is a huge contributor to my efficiency and success as an independent commercial producer and filmmaker !  ​​

For larger budget productions, I have access to a team that includes some of the most respected talent in South Africa's film and media industry, including actors/actresses, DOP's, Script Writers and more.

I am actively involved in nurturing young  up and coming talent in the industry through my role as a trainer and foundation member of the North West Film Commission.

I also provide specialist services to the local cinema industry in the form of digital cinema encoding. 

I studied Engineering and after a career that lasted 26 years in both Operations and Project Management, I decided to live out my life-long passion and follow my dream of making films. Being a Professional Project Manager (PMP #1862809) does make it much easier to manage complex productions on large sets and client  expectations at the same time.

I made my official debut as a filmmaker in 2015 with a Documentary 'My Life on the Tracks - the Rohan Vos Story' that went on to win  at a number of Film Festivals around the world, including the 'Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards' and subsequently premiered at the 'Charlie Chaplin Theatre' in Los Angeles on the 10th September 2016 !

In 2017 it was selected 'Best of Show' at the World Premiere Film Awards 2017 in Ottawa, Canada and screened at the Gala Evening  after winning the category, 'Best Short Documentary' at the 2016 film festival. 
I was fortunate enough to be part of a group of filmmakers, journalists, writers, teachers and others from around the world that, in 2016, piloted the first release of MUSE, a storytelling course, in collaboration with the 5 times Emmy Award team at STILLMOTION in Portland, Or., USA.
I went on to complete a 25 week 'cinematography' mentorship program with Shane Hurlbut, Director of Photography on feature films such as "The Need for Speed", "The Greatest Game Ever Played" , "Act of Valor" etc.

In April 2016, I completed my "Producer's Foundation Certificate" at Raindance Film School in Los Angeles under the tutorship of Julia Verdin, probably best known for her work as Producer of the feature film "Merchant of Venice" and "Stander".​

Today, I find my creativity challenged by benchmarking against the best in the world and aspire to deliver the best and most creative work for my clients.  My passion drives me to make the next production better than the one before !​  

This is the reason I exist.​